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Deborah Danner, MA, LCPC


Deborah Danner, MA, LCPC

About Deborah

Life has its ups and downs and all of us will face personal obstacles in our lives that can seem overwhelming.  We do not have the option to avoid these more painful moments, however, we do have the option to reach out during difficult times so that we are not alone during these personal battles.  Having a safe space place to explore everything from daily frustrations to deep-seated fears or insecurities, provides not only an opportunity to “get through” life challenges, but to grow and become stronger as a result of them.  Identifying and growing personal strengths allows us to face future life challenges with more confidence and determination

This type of personal growth starts in a neutral, non-judgmental environment, which fosters a sense of safety and comfort as one explores both external and internal conflicts.  This is a collaborative process between you and a trusted confident, who guides you in examining personal barriers, developing individualized coping skills and learning to effectively use these skills and insights in difficult times so that you can preserve.

After working in the field of crisis and professional counseling for over 25 years, Deborah has become an expert in creating this type of safe environment and trusting relationship.  She meets each of her clients were that are in their life journey in an authentic and compassionate way. Deborah employs mindfulness, Person-Centered, Adlerian, and Existentialism to assist her clients in understanding themselves and regaining control over their everyday lives. 

Deborah works with individuals, couples, children, and adolescents.  Using trauma-informed care, she specializes in psychological trauma, interracial relationship stress, women’s issues, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, grief and loss, rejection, perfectionism, feelings of inadequacy, stigma, prejudice, and marginalization within your family, organizations and in society. She is passionate about working with first generation Americans, and has specific experience working with the Islamic community and Asian Indian Americans

Deborah’s work across a variety of settings, both in-patient and out-patient, has allowed her to obtain valuable knowledge about how to connect to her clients, identify their strengths and help them find their path forward in life. Her background includes extensive work with trauma, self-esteem, women’s issues and substance abuse.  In additional to her clinical experience, Deborah is also a graduate level professor and currently completing her PhD dissertation, speaking to her passion about continued education and dedication to the field of psychology. Deborah looks forward to sharing her commitment to inspire, motivate and unveil inner strengths for all of her future students and clients.