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Donna M. Mahoney, Ph.D, LCPC

About Donna

Most of us have an internal picture of what we would like our future to be, including expectations about career and academic achievements, friendships, and family. Frequently, however, life’s uncertainties result in a failure to meet these expectations. This failure can create feelings of anxiety, frustration, or even despair that engender a belief that one has little control over present or future events. Learning how to develop a flexible internal picture allows us to better cope with life’s unexpected challenges.

Donna specializes in assisting those who struggle with anxiety, OCD, and trauma. Her unique and integrative therapeutic approach effectively combines cognitive-behavioral techniques aimed at symptom-reduction in combination with psychodynamic strategies that explore underlying issues. Her non-assuming demeanor puts clients at ease, while she simultaneously provides effective coping skills that are targeted at reducing anxieties and fears.

Donna has been helping children, adolescents and adults overcome barriers and reach personal goals for the last 30 years. Her clinical experience includes work in community mental health facilities, therapeutic day schools, and private practice. Her tenure in the clinical field has allowed her to gain experience working with diagnoses ranging from mood disorders to school/work difficulties to relationship building. In addition, Donna has worked as a professor for 15 years at the graduate level, teaching various therapeutic techniques and providing supervision for students working towards becoming licensed therapists.

Described by her clients as empathic, warm, and kind, Donna’s ability to respond with sensitivity and compassion creates a place where emotions and thoughts can be safely explored. Donna guides her clients in their journey of self-discovery, focusing on developing strategies for managing the here-and-now in conjunction with uncovering insights about how the past has influenced perception of self and others. In this nonjudgmental and affirming environment, clients learn and develop self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-reliance.