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Joseph Rochford, MA, LCPC



About Joseph

Life is a unique journey for all of us; influenced by everything from our upbringing and culture to our friendships, family, and personal world view.  As our life experiences are unique and diverse, so too are the challenges that arise.  Therefore, it follows, that the solutions to these life challenges must also be individualized in order to be successfully applied to your unique life journey.  When you make the decision to enter counseling you remain the best source of wisdom in seeking out ways to overcome your personal challenges.

Joseph sees his role in counseling as helping you uncover personal inner strengths so that you can find alternative paths forward when feeling stuck or overwhelmed.  Joseph offers an empathetic approach and creates a safe environment and trusting relationship where personal vulnerabilities can be explored, and insights gained.  He works diligently to see the world as each of his clients does so that he can offer an alternative perspective, which can make all the difference in finding a solution to a seemingly unsolvable problem.

Joseph has been providing counseling to individuals and families for over 20 years. His background includes concentrated work with clients struggling with mental illness, anxiety, life transitions, family relationships, trauma, self-esteem, depression, anger, and substance abuse. Joseph has had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, non-profits, outpatient community mental health centers and private practice.  These experiences have allowed him to develop a flexible therapeutic approach that has helped his client with varying backgrounds, ages and presenting issues, reach their goals.
Joseph uses a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and emotion-focused counseling to assist clients in exploring emotional hurdles, reframing negative views of self, challenging, and diminishing unproductive behaviors.  Clients will develop personalized coping skills to manage day-to-day stressors while also investigating the underlying issues that have contributed to these life obstacles.  Joseph looks forward to learning about you as a person, not just what is not working in your life, but what is working so that you can build on the foundation that has helped you persevere in the past and will support you to persevere in the future.