Linsie Gilman

About Linsie

Linsie Gilman, MA, LCPC

It’s easy to get lost in chaos when trying to navigate life without direction. All of us can lose focus from time to time on the things that matter most and become caught up in the minutiae of everyday life.  This lack of direction can lead to feeling stuck or lost, and unsure where to start in reclaiming our lives and getting back to our paths. Being able to rediscover and focus on our individual goals helps restore balance, generates a sense of purpose, and brings back a sense of confidence and happiness.

Linsie has always been the voice of support and advice in the lives of her friends and family when they were struggling. Her caring and compassionate personality allows people to feel safe to share their feelings, and her open-mindedness allows for a judgement-free zone for everyone. This ability and gratification in connecting with others is what drew Linsie to become a therapist; finding gratitude and fulfillment when she has helped someone improve their quality of life.

Linsie has had experience in a variety of therapeutic environments, including a residential group home for children and teens, a domestic violence agency, working in collaboration with Department of Children and Family Services in substance abuse intervention and one-on-one counseling. The diversity of clients Linsie has worked with has helped her develop a strong sense of empathy and understanding, and the importance of tailoring her approach and interventions to meet the specific needs of her clients.

Linsie’s approach to counseling focuses on growing the known or undiscovered strengths of her clients. She employs mindfulness techniques and client-centered therapy to establish rapport and trust. Linsie specializes in the use of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to challenge maladaptive thoughts and behaviors while working with clients who struggle with anxiety, depression, mood disorders, trauma, substance abuse and relationship difficulties. Linsie’s insightful and compassionate style allows clients to feel comfortable, respected and empowered as she works with them to overcome barriers and find clarity and fulfillment in their lives.

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