The Power of Humor in Therapy

Humor can be an effective tool in the therapeutic process and in general when it comes to managing mental illness or negative emotional states.  Learning to challenge your depression, anxiety or maladaptive behaviors can be an overwhelming and arduous process.  Humor can provide a well needed break in this demanding journey, allowing both the client and the therapist come up for air when drowning in a sea of negative emotions.  Humor serves as a reminder that we are capable of experiencing joy, even if only momentarily, when we feel that sustained happiness is still not within our grasp.

Be creative in where you find humor in your life

Being able to see the absurdity in life and in ourselves is a skill that allows us to increase our resiliency-the quality most associated with life satisfaction.  It is frequently the human condition to feel shame or guilt for past negative behaviors or interactions.  Although we may need to change these types of behaviors or interactions, guilt and shame are not effective motivators.  For example . . . .

You go on a first date that goes horribly wrong. The food at the restaurant is horrible, the conversation is flat, there are numerous awkward silences, and you feel confident that there will not be a second date.

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